Road closures continue due to extreme weather

The stormy weather continues into today, December 24th. All Bruce County Roads are still closed as are those in the Municipality of Kincardine.

Although Municipal staff have worked hard to improve road conditions, the roads are still unsafe to drive on and the public should stay home to stay safe. At this time, the only vehicles that should be on roads are plows or emergency service vehicles.



Last updated today, December 25th (2022) at 04:55 p.m., OPP advise the following Bruce County Roads are Closed:

Last updated: December 25, 2022 at 04:55:50 PM

Closed Road Sections:
Bruce Road 6 East From Grey Road 10 to Mildmay
Bruce Road 6 East From Mildmay to Bruce 12
Bruce Road 12 From Belmore to HWY 9
Bruce Road 22 From Bruce Road 4 to Grey Road 10
Bruce Road 28 From Bruce Road 6East to MacIntosh
Bruce Road 4 From North limits of Wingham to south limits of Teeswater
Bruce Road 4 From North limits of Teeswater to Kings Hwy 9
Bruce Road 6 From Bruce Road 12 to Teeswater
Bruce Road 6 From Ripley to Kings Hwy 21
Bruce Road 7 From Bruce Road 86 to Ripley
Bruce Road 7 From Ripley to Kings Hwy 9
Bruce Road 15 From Bruce Road 20 to Glammis
Bruce Road 15 From Glammis to Kings Hwy 21
Bruce Road 15 From Kings Hwy 21 to Inverhuron
Bruce Road 23 From Lorne Beach to Bruce Road 15
Bruce Road 23 From Bruce Road 15 to Bruce Road 20
Bruce Road 86 From West limits of Lucknow to Kings Hwy 21
Bruce Road 1 From Bruce Road 20 to Paisley
Bruce Road 3 From Burgoyne to Hwy 21
Bruce Road 5 From Tara to Grey Bruce Line
Bruce Road 10 From Chesley to Tara
Bruce Road 10 From Tara to Hwy 21
Bruce Road 11 From Bruce Road 10(Chesley) to Paisley
Bruce Road 20 From Hwy 9 to Bruce Road 1
Bruce Road 20 From Hwy 21 to Bruce Road 33(Bruce Power)
Grey Bruce Line From Scone to Hwy 21
Bruce Road 9 From Hwy 6 to Lions Head
Bruce Road 40 From Grey Bruce Line to Bruce Road 10
Bruce Road 40 From Bruce Road 10 to Bruce Road 3
Bruce Road 40 From Bruce Road 3 to Kings HWY 21
Bruce Road 20 From Bruce Road 1 to Hwy 21
Hwy. 21 from Southampton to Goderich

Reason for closure: Visibility

“We are reminding people, once again, to please stay in their homes where they are safest. Please, do not travel. Our current priority for plow drivers is to give support to first responders as they try to respond to calls,” says Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Jillene Bellchamber-Glazier.

Hydro One has reported that power is still out in certain areas. Even if you do not have power the safest place is still to stay at home.

Community Emergency Management Coordinator/Fire Prevention Officer Shane Watson stresses: “The public is reminded that generators, BBQs, and propane heaters should only be used outdoors. Using these items properly and shovelling around your home’s vents helps avoid carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. For added protection, make sure your CO alarms are working and near wherever you will be sleeping.”

Community members have been creative, setting up tents in their living rooms with family members and pets cuddling together in warm blankets and sleeping bags. Please reach out to your neighbours and check in to see how they are doing.

“Our crews have been working tirelessly throughout this storm to keep our services running. We cannot thank them enough for their efforts,” said Bellchamber-Glazier. If you need assistance, call 211 or visit to inquire about services and supports.

In case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1 for Police, Fire, and Emergency Services. South Bruce O.P.P. can be reached at 1-888-310-1122 for non-emergency issues. Please stay safe and for resources to help you through the winter, visit: