Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition welcomes new partners at inaugural meeting

The Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition (SOIC) marked another significant milestone  as it recemt;u welcomed new regional collaborative partners at its inaugural meeting. Coalition Chairs—the City of Owen Sound, the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Coalition (CNIC) and the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII)—along with a diverse group of partners, committed to advancing the Coalition’s priorities in the months ahead.

(L-R: Ken Craig, Mayor, Municipality of Kincardine; Chris Peabody, Mayor, Municipality of Brockton; Jessica Linthorne, SOIC Co-Chair; Luke Charbonneau, Mayor, Town of Saugeen Shores; Glen McNeil, Chair, Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus; Ian Boddy, SOIC Co-Chair; Gwen Devereaux, President, Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health)

Co-Chairs extended a warm welcome to these new partners who will further enrich the collective expertise and collaborative spirit of the SOIC:

  • Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health
  • Municipality of Brockton
  • Municipality of Kincardine
  • Town of Saugeen Shores
  • Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus

The workshop focused on three key areas critical to the SOIC’s vision: workforce, research, and healthcare. Attendees engaged in lively discussions, sharing insights, capabilities and aspirations. The collaborative exchange aimed to forge a comprehensive roadmap of action that the SOIC will undertake in the coming year.

“Workshops like today’s demonstrate the SOIC’s ability to bring the region together deliberately and collaboratively,” said Jessica Linthorne, Chief Operating Officer at NII and Coalition Co-Chair. “We have the talent in southwestern Ontario to grow in all aspects of isotope production, and our partners across the industry are dedicated to working together with a common goal.”

The addition of these valuable partners strengthens the SOIC’s capacity to address challenges and build on opportunities across its focus areas of workforce development, research innovation, and healthcare advancements.

“As we heard from our regional collaborative partners during today’s discussion, with isotopes already being produced in our region, we have an incredible opportunity for growth,” said Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy and Coalition Co-Chair. “As a Coalition, we can cultivate a stronger local supply chain and workforce to support the future demand of isotopes.”

Looking ahead to 2024, the SOIC remains committed to transforming ideas into action and fostering collaboration across traditional boundaries. The commitment of its partners and the inclusive nature of the Coalition promise a year of exciting developments and shared accomplishments.

“As demand for isotopes grows, Canada is on the verge of a transformative opportunity,” said James Scongack, Chair of the CNIC and Coalition Co-Chair. “By strategically uniting through initiatives like SOIC, regional isotope communities can situate themselves not just as contributors to isotope production but as drivers of Canada’s growing role as an isotopes powerhouse.”

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About the Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition:  Formed in June 2023, the Southwestern Ontario Isotope Coalition (SOIC) is a partnership between the City of Owen Sound, the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), and the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC). Together with regional collaborative partners, the Coalition aims to unite southwestern Ontario’s isotope community and explore ways to grow the region’s role in the global supply of these lifesaving materials.