Stage 1 Redevelopment Proposal for Kincardine Hospital goes to Ministry of Health

South Bruce Grey Health Centre (SBGHC) has submitted its Stage 1 report for the redevelopment of the Kincardine site of SBGHC to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).  The preparation of this 1,800 page report has been a significant undertaking, and is the first in a series of five steps the ministry requires in its capital planning process.

The redevelopment of the Kincardine site has had several stops and starts over the years.  SBGHC has worked diligently to create a project that will meet the needs of the growing population in the Kincardine area, address significant existing infrastructure deficiencies at the hospital, and at the same time create a project that will respect the financial challenges facing the government.

With the upcoming Major Component Replacement Project at the Bruce Power Nuclear Facility, the population of the Kincardine area will increase significantly in the coming years, with a corresponding increase in demand on our emergency department, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory services.

The project is now phased, with phase 1 focused on the redevelopment of the emergency department, diagnostic imaging (including space for the proposed new CT), and laboratory services, and phase 2 focused on the redevelopment of the inpatient rooms.  Phasing will ensure that we are first improving those areas of the hospital which will be most impacted by the population that will be coming to work on the Bruce Power refurbishment infrastructure project.  The second phase of the redevelopment, which will not occur for several years, will include primarily the inpatient unit.

“As the population of the Kincardine area increases over the next twenty years, the Kincardine site will require updating and improvements to meet the increasing demand for hospital services,” explains Larry Allison, SBGHC Board Chair.

“A phased approach to the project will ensure those areas of the hospital most in need today will be addressed first.  As well, a phased approach will also ensure we advance a more fiscally responsible project,” outlines Michael Barrett, SBGHC President and CEO.

A preliminary drawing of Phase 1, and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the project, are available on SBGHC’s website. 

Review of the Stage 1 proposal is expected to take approximately six months.  If the Stage 1 proposal is approved by the MOHLTC, SBGHC will then move on to Stage 2 of the capital planning process, the development of the Functional Program. 

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