This harvest time we thank and help our farmers

For Ontario’s farmers and their families, harvest can be very busy and stressful time of the year. Long days, tight time frames, adapting to weather forecasts and being prepared in the event of unforeseen problems can be daunting and exhausting.

At this busy time, mental health is just as important as physical health. That is why our government has put supports in place if and when Ontario farmers need them.

In Ontario, every farmer and farm family member, can access free, professional counselling sessions, by calling the Farmer Wellness Initiative at 1-866-267-6255. The Ontario government worked in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and the Canadian Mental Health Association to develop this service for all Ontario farmers and farm families. It’s tailored specifically to the unique stressors that farmers face. At any time, day or night, the Farmer Wellness Initiative is available.

To Ontario farmers, my message is that if at any time you are feeling overwhelmed, please remember to take care of yourself and get the help you need. If your daily struggles become too much to bear, help is just a call away for you, your family and anyone you know.

On behalf of Ontarians, I want to thank Ontario farmers for all of the hard work they do to make sure our food supply is strong. They ensure that our food and beverage products are among the best in the world, and that our plates contain nutritious, healthy and local food. We are committed to making sure Ontario farmers have the supports they need to continue that important work.