Unidentified flying object shot down over Lake Huron

An unidentified flying object was downed over Lake Huron today, Sunday February 12th after Canada and the U.S. governments restricted air space over the Lake earlier in the day.

According to Associated Press (AP), the unidentified flying object shot down had been tracked and monitored by the U.S. military over Montana.

In a NORAD report, it had detected a “radar anomaly” in Montana but when the military was sent out to investigate, there was nothing found to indicate the cause of the anomaly.  NORAD reports that it is continuing to investigate.

A U.S. F16 fighter jet apparently downed the octagonal unmanned object that was flying at 20,000 ft. which could have impeded civil aviation.

The object is the third in as many days that have been shot down by military aircraft, the two others were over Alaska and the Yukon.

According to news sources, the object landed in Lake Huron and is expected to be recovered.

From an official statement by DoD (Department of Defence U.S.), President Biden ordered the downing of the object at 2:42 p.m. as it had flown in proximity to U.S. Military sites in Michigan and was a threat to air space.  It is unknown if the object had surveillance equipment.