We must care for our veterans

Letter to the Editor

Did you know that Oct 10 was World Mental Health Day? I’m not sure if the Bruce County Museum knew that when they hosted the Lt. General Honourable Romeo Dallaire (Ret) as a guest speaker that night.

Canadians my age certainly know about the General’s experiences in Rwanda and his battles with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attempted suicides.

Amongst some former and currently serving members of the military attending the event was one man wearing a maroon beret and his three service medals. My friend. Also suffering from PTSD. He spent time with the General followed by a huge embrace. I hope it helped.

The General talked about his PTSD struggles. To recover, he explained, it takes love, medical support and peer support.

I’m calling on all employers to provide PTSD support for any employee who might be suffering, or could reasonably be expected to suffer from PTSD. I’m calling on all employers to ensure that those supports are documented in company practices and policies. I call this “The PTSD Promise.”

If we care about veterans we must care for veterans.

Kevin Larson
Port Elgin, ON