7ACRES celebrates first graduating class from School of Management

7ACRES 2018 School of Management graduates

On June 20th at the Southampaton Golf and Country Club, 7ACRES held its first graduation ceremony of the 7ACRES School of Management.

The event had 40 members of the 7ACRES facility in attendance including directors, managers, and team leads, with 33 graduates from the 10 leadership courses provided by the 7ACRES facility.

The 7ACRES facility is rapidly growing and it is expecting to hire over 400 additional employees by the end of June, 2019. They anticipate hiring on average 36 employees a month for various positions throughout the organization.  

As 7ACRES grows, employees will be given the opportunity to advance, take technical training and learn new skills.

According to Lorne Lazenby, Director of Human Resources, “For 7ACRES to thrive as an organization we must have strong leaders.  Everyone is given the opportunity to acquire a certain skill set to enhance their management style. By utilizing and applying the skills offered, we all become successful. By using what you have learned from the 7ACRES School of Management we will reach and achieve our vision of becoming Canada’s top producer of premium cannabis flower.”



7ACRES School of Management’s focus is all about team players; to have employees learn the core skills of effective leadership through enhancing their teams through engagement, motivation and performance management along with how to save time, money and resources, all together leading teams to success.