Acts of Kindness: Making a Difference

Dear Editor,

May I pass, through you, my sincere gratitude to a gentleman, resident of Walkerton, whom I do not know by name nor have I ever met. Sunday afternoon my daughter and her boyfriend were returning to Milton after a camping trip in Sauble Beach. Their car broke down due to a faulty radiator in front of his house. He came to assist a young couple in their time of need.

Upon hearing that there plan was to camp at a campsite several kilometers down the road and return next day when the garage opposite opened on Monday, this kind man offered them the opportunity to camp on his front lawn “to save a couple of bucks”.

His generosity and kindness went further offering them access to his home for them to freshen up and to drive them to the grocery store to buy some food for a further night’s camping. As a father, I am moved by the kindness of strangers and the community spirit so prevalent in small town Ontario. I thank you.

If the gentleman that assisted my daughter is reading this, I commend you sir, thank you for looking out for them. Unfortunately the garage was unable to fix their car and the dealership in Hanover did not have the parts available (though they were more than helpful to me via phone). They decided they would try to make it home, topping the radiator every 30 minutes of so. After a three hour journey they did indeed make it home.

I am sure they will always remember your act of kindness as I’m sure they will pay that forward should that opportunity arise.

Grant Harmsworth