Bruce County Budget Survey aligns with Strategic Plan

Bruce County’s new 2023-2026 Strategic Plan commits to “Implement public consultation for the County budget to increase satisfaction with the local government’s capital and operating plans, including their alignment with community needs and evidence-based decision-making.”

In September 2023, respondents from all municipalities across Bruce County provided valuable feedback about the 2024 County Budget through an online budget survey. The 2024 Budget Survey was promoted broadly and received excellent local news coverage. In total, 380 respondents completed the survey. 158 of those respondents also provided open-ended feedback.

The 2024 Capital and Operating Budget was approved by Bruce County Council in November 2023.

Respondents of the 2024 Budget Survey identified strong support for setting aside infrastructure replacement funding. Results also showed an opportunity to improve public understanding of what Bruce County taxes pay for. The top service area priorities of survey respondents were Transportation and Environmental Services, Long Term Care and Senior Services, Paramedic Services, Housing, and Planning and Economic Development.

The top themes identified from the open-ended feedback included a desire for investment in infrastructure, roads, bridges, and winter maintenance, a need for affordable housing, a desire for continued pursuit of good governance and sound fiscal responsibility, and continued support for health care, including long term care, senior services, and paramedic services.

“Thank you again to all respondents for participating in our budget survey. Your feedback provided valuable insight and showed fantastic alignment with our Strategic Plan core values of Excellence, Welcoming Community, Good Governance, Environmental Stewardship, and Financial Sustainability,” adds Warden Chris Peabody. “Bruce County will continue to welcome public feedback annually to inform our Bruce County Budget.”

2023-2026 Strategic Plan Core Values:

  • Excellence – Committed to adapting, enhancing, and evolving responsive services for our community.
  • Welcoming Community – Cultivate a welcoming community of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Good Governance – Prioritize transparency, accountability, integrity, and respect in all we do.
  • Environmental Stewardship – Protect, preserve, and celebrate our natural environment.
  • Financial Sustainability – Building financial capacity to sustain our resources.

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