Debbie Bolan and Hawthorne Community Clinic donate mask money to Huron Shores Hospice

Debbie Bolan in partnership with the Hawthorne Community Clinic presented $971.80 in donations received by clinic patients who made a donation to Huron Shores Hospice to wear one of Debbie’s homemade masks while in the clinic.

L to R: Cheryl Cottrill, Huron Shores Hospice, Debbie Bolan, Marie Robinson, Hawthorne Community Clinic and           Dr. Damian Gunaratne, Hawthorne Community Clinic and Medical Director, Huron Shores Hospice

Debbie said she got the idea to sew masks made from HALYARD H600 medical fabric from a friend who saw a YouTube video of a doctor at the University of Florida’s department of anesthesiology. “He saw the HALYARD H600 fabric being disposed of after sterilization of instruments and wondered why it couldn’t be used to help with the shortage of medical grade masks in the hospital,” said Debbie. The medical grade fabric was sterilized along with the instruments and this important second use would give the fabric an extra purpose before being disposed of.

Debbie contacted the clinic who ordered the fabric and production began. Debbie sews a pleated mask with elastic ear holders, which is designed for a one time use. To date she has sewn 900 masks for the clinic and has fabric to keep up production as long as it is needed in the clinic.

“We have had a tough year when it comes to fundraising for the hospice operating budget,” said Cheryl Cottrill, Co-Chair of Huron Shores Hospice. “This donation is so appreciated, especially this year, and will help plug a hole in our 2020 fundraising budget. We applaud Debbie’s efforts and the efforts of the Hawthorne Community Clinic to collect the money donated and provide it to the hospice. We also very much appreciate every patient at the clinic who made a donation in exchange for a mask. This is what makes our hospice truly a community owned hospice.”

Huron Shores Hospice provides free residential hospice stays for those needing end-of-life support, as well as free Grief Recovery Method sessions, Doula end-of-life planning expertise and is working to change the conversation around death and dying by hosting death cafes and holding end-of-life planning workshops in our community. For more information please visit or their Facebook page.