Editorial: A little act of kindness

Today, in the midst of all the turmoil and frenzy of COVID-19, I watched a happening that restored my faith in humankind.

I was in WalMart in Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores) today simply to ‘take stock’ of the shelves and what was happening in regard to supplies.

As most people are aware, many people have ‘stock piled’ many items and one of them is bathroom tissue.  After days of empty shelves, WalMart put a few packages back on the shelves from its own limited inventory with shoppers only allowed one package per customer.

A young woman loaded the last large package of 60 roles into her cart leaving only two packages of 12 roles.  Just then, a mother with three children in tow reached for one of the two remaining packages.  The young woman stopped and took her 60-role package out of her cart and offered it to the mother in exchange for the lesser 12-role package.  The mother looked at her and asked if she was sure.  “Absolutely,” replied the young woman.  “There is only my husband and I, so you take this larger package.”

A generous and compassionate move … kudos to the young woman …

she did what was the right thing to do.