Petition recognizes Federal government’s exclusion of nuclear in climate action

To the Editor:

The Government of Canada has talked a good game on climate action, but excluding nuclear energy from Canada’s Green Bond Framework was a colossal mistake that will prevent us from reaching our climate goals and hurt Canada’s nuclear sector. Please sign and share this petition calling on the government to reverse its anti-science position and include nuclear energy in the Canada Green Bond Framework.


While the rest of the world turns toward nuclear energy as a solution to the unfolding climate crisis, Canada is marginalizing nuclear by keeping it out of the new Canada Green Bond Framework. This Framework was created specifically to finance climate action initiatives. Nuclear’s exclusion is especially insulting to Canada’s Nuclear Workforce when you consider the other Green Bond exclusions: arms manufacturing, alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

Far from being purveyors of antisocial sins, Nuclear Workers are at the forefront of Canada’s fight against climate change. Nuclear Energy was central to the most successful carbon-emission reduction initiative on the continent: closing Ontario’s coal plants and shifting to emissions-free nuclear power.

Through our track record of safe and affordable zero-emission energy, Canada is globally recognized and sought out for our nuclear expertise. Others have seen our success and are trying to emulate it. For instance, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calls for a 98% to 500% increase in nuclear power to avoid catastrophic climate change. The European Union has also included nuclear in what’s known as its “sustainable finance taxonomy,” which means Europe is also seeking to reduce its carbon footprint through new nuclear power generation.

With such high stakes, it is foolish for the Liberals to dabble in anti-science ideology rather than use one of the most effective and proven tools we have at our disposal to reduce carbon emissions.

Please sign and share this petition that calls for the federal government to include nuclear energy within the Canada Green Bond Framework:

The petition is open for signatures until April 8th. It was created through the Government of Canada’s e-petition system so it can be presented in the House of Commons. The government will be required to provide a formal response.

If you have already signed the petition, thank-you.


Bob Walker
National Director
Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council