Grace in defeat by Liberal candidate Allan Thompson

While across town Huron-Bruce incumbent and supporters were celebrating, things were more somber at the Liberal gathering in Goderich Legion as Liberal candidate Allan Thompson and supporters watched the numbers coming in.

At the end of the count, incumbent MP Ben Lobb, was re-elected but Thompson, although disappointed with the result, was gracious in his acceptance.

“This is how democracy works and we have to respect that,” said Thompson, after receiving a standing ovation.

“The people of Huron-Bruce have spoken and so have the people of Canada,” said Thompson.

Thompson said that it’s been a long four or five years and that he did not want to decide quickly what happens next.

When it comes to a minority government, Thompson said that it could be quite interesting.  “It’s been awhile since we’ve been in that situation, not since the Martin-Harper years.  This will be a totally new set of characters and different players so we’ll have to see how it unfolds.  All the brokers have very different vantage points.  The Block now holds a really significant block of seats but I expect the government will reach out to all parties on the centre-left so we’ll have to see what takes shape.”