Grey Bruce Labour Council – Day of Activism

“For decades and throughout any given year organized labour and social activists are constantly busy doing all that is possible to stem the tide of regression being manufactured by right wing government, right wing enablers within corporate Canada and a list of organizations and groups too long to list that encourage regression and intolerance.  Amongst the daily struggle for social justice and labour rights there are seminal days each year that permit not only a celebration of the successes in turning back this tide of regression, but also permit a demonstration of the commitment to continue the fight and struggle,” says Grey Bruce Labour Council President, Kevin Smith.

Without any doubt one of those days is Kincardine Pride parade day. On that same day, the Labour Council also presents and announces the winners of the Grey Bruce Labour Council Social Justice Awards in Memory of Robert (Bob) White.

“Social movements striving for equity, inclusion, diversity and accessibility and Labour have always been allies and being a supporter of Kincardine Pride since the first year, the Grey Bruce Labour Council continues this legacy. Social justice is a vast cavalcade of ideals and needs and in awarding Secondary School students in our region with a financial award in the name of one of Canada’s leaders in positive social change it is hoped that they will be leaders in positive and progressive social change while empowering others to undertake similar work. Work that must be undertaken as the future of social democracy hangs in the balance with the worst of the right wing political stripe poised to take political power or sustain their power,” says Labour Council VP for Bruce County, Dave Trumble.

Preparing to march in the Kincardine Pride Parade, the Grey Bruce Labour Council made up of affiliates from the public and private sector, supplies not only marchers but provides financial support to Kincardine Pride and people power to Marshall the parade and make the parade safe for all concerned. Later in the day, the Labour Council was very pleased to have Chelby Morris present and to be awarded one the Social Justice Awards by Labour Council President, Smith, and Sargeant at Arms Kristen Fry, Other award winners Noah-Cherise Lewis and Thalassa Parent will receive their awards at another time.

“Other days in the calendar are ahead of us in this year. Days such as Labour Day and the Labour Council’s Activist Day where awards for health and safety and labour activism are presented. As powerful as these days are, nothing is more powerful than the daily exercising of our collective strength that will ensure future success in preserving and improving human rights, labour rights, public services and the vast array of rights that have been fought for as long as repression has existed,” notes Kristen Fry , Labour Council Sargeant at Arms.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council has been the voice of workers in Grey and Bruce Counties since 1956.