Higher-than-normal water levels expected across the watershed

Saugeen Conservation advises that forecast precipitation, unseasonably warm temperatures, and associated snowmelt are likely to cause higher-than-normal water levels across the watershed, over the next few days.

Day-time temperatures over the next week are forecast upwards of +8°C and will be accompanied by 20 to 25mm of rain today, February 9th.

Unseasonably warm temperatures will accelerate melting of the remaining snowpack, resulting in rapid run-off into watercourses, and will likely cause the break-up and movement of river ice. Any remaining ice on our watercourses, during or following this event, will be unsafe to be on.

While significant flooding is not expected, watercourses could reach or exceed bank-full conditions, with minor flooding in low-lying areas. More extensive flooding is possible should the region receive rainfall amounts greater than what is currently forecast.

The public is reminded to stay away from all watercourses and structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. High water levels, fast flowing water, and slippery conditions along watercourse banks are extremely dangerous.

Saugeen Conservation staff will be closely monitoring the situation and will provide an update if conditions change. www.saugeenconservation.ca