More financial relief for local municipalities

MPP Lisa Thompson has announced the provincial government is providing almost $2 million to local municipalities to offset operating costs for critical services and help ensure that no municipality carries an operating deficit into 2021.
“This funding will provide our communities with the support they need to continue delivering critical services that we all rely on everyday,” Thompson said in announcing the Safe Restart Agreement funding. “The money will help municipal councils in Huron-Bruce to develop a 2021 budget that reflects the reality of COVID-19 and give them the confidence they need to proceed with capital projects that will drive economic growth.”
The Ontario government is allocating an additional $695 million across the province to provide financial relief for municipalities and help ensure they do not carry operating deficits into 2021.This investment builds upon the first phase of the federal-provincial Safe Restart Agreement announced this summer.
“This joint funding will help Ontario’s municipalities recover from the impacts of COVID-19 faster, by helping them to enter into 2021 without operating deficits from this year,” said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “By ensuring our municipal partners are in a sound financial position to begin the new year, they can better focus on keeping their capital projects on track while continuing to provide the critical services their residents rely on.”
Thompson also announced that Huron and Bruce Counties also will receive $299,700 and $167,600 respectively for social services relief funding. The discretionary funding can be used to improve the delivery of critical services, protect homeless shelter staff and residents, renovate and purchase shelter facilities, add to rent banks, create longer-term housing solutions and support plans to prepare for potential future outbreaks and/or emergencies.
“Our government is responding to the ongoing needs of COVID-19 by providing more flexible funding to keep our vulnerable citizens safe,” said Thompson. “We know that COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having a place to call home, and this additional funding will help ensure everyone can find – and keep – a safe and secure roof over their head.”
Following is a break down of the Safe Restart funding amounts going to local municipalities and counties.
Bruce County $500,000 (plus $167,600 in Social Services Relief Funding)
Brockton $53,000
Huron-Kinloss $51,000
Kincardine $75,000
Saugeen Shores  $100,000
South Bruce  $30,000
Huron County $367,000 (plus $299,700 in Social Services Relief Funding)
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh $38,000
Bluewater $66,000
Central Huron $249,000* (Application based funding) and $52,000
Goderich $44,000
Howick Township $234,000* (Application based funding) and $21,000
Huron East $48,000
Morris-Turnberry – $19,000
North Huron $28,000
South Huron $57,000
·      The application based section is for 48 municipalities who, after the first round of Safe Restart Funding, in August, still faced 2020 operating budget shortfalls.