Municipality of Kincardine recognizes local physicians

The Municipality of Kincardine’s Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee would like to take this opportunity to show appreciation to all local doctors for their expertise and dedication to the health care of our community.

During the pandemic, physicians adapted to drastic changes in their work and lives to continue to care for others.

Ongoing national and local physician shortages mean that personal time and family time are being sacrificed to work more hours than ever before.

Within the Municipality, there are more than 14,000 patients and just 10 Family Physicians, who – along with primary care – provide emergency room coverage, hospital inpatient coverage, nursing home care, pregnancy and baby wellness programs, palliative care, memory clinics, mental health management and care for patients in all stages of life.

Due to the influx of new residents and workers, our local hospitals and medical clinic are overwhelmed with new patients and, therefore, the Municipality is actively recruiting physicians.

At their May 19 meeting, Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee Chair, Councillor Kennedy, recognized Dr. Cavanagh for recently taking on 200 additional patients, adding that, “while family physicians run practices as their own business, there are policies and guidelines from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) that set out the expectations for professional conduct. The CPSO specifically advises a first-come, first-served approach to new patient onboarding.”

The Municipality of Kincardine’s best chance of recruiting more physicians to the community is by supporting physicians, recognizing their work to support community well-being, and understanding that the shortage of physicians impacts them as well. Let’s keep working together as a community to ensure that every person has access to a family physician and to keep our emergency department open. The next time you see one of our doctors in the community, show your appreciation for all they do.