New names being considered for schools: KDSS and SDSS

Bluewater District School Board trustees are considering for approval name changes for the newly configured Grades 7 to 12 schools in Kincardine and Port Elgin, effective September 2019.  The recommendations, which will be brought forward for a vote at the April 16, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Board, include changing Kincardine District Secondary School to Kincardine District Senior School, and a name change from Saugeen District Secondary School to Saugeen District Senior School. 

 To prepare for the grades relocation, each school community formed a ‘Transition Committee’ several months ago with representation from parents/guardians, students, staff, and community members from each school.  Certain members were then designated to the ‘Naming Committee’ in each community. Name possibilities were brainstormed and a survey amongst stakeholders was conducted.  Survey results were presented and approved by the ‘Naming Committee’ prior to a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees.    

 “We commend the many students, parents/guardians, staff, and other members of the Kincardine community on their efforts to select a school name that is reflective and inclusive of all new and returning students.  The many stakeholders who have united to assist with this transition deserve many thanks for their hard work and commitment, to ensure a smooth start and welcoming environment for all students in September,” says Superintendent of Education Wendy Kolohon.

 “We look forward to an exciting start for Port Elgin area students at the soon-to-be renamed Grades 7 to 12 school.  Thanks are extended to those who have been involved in this transition process for their extensive work, which truly demonstrates their proactive and collaborative leadership, resilience, and positive spirit in bringing together students and families for this consolidation,” says Superintendent of Education Lori Wilder.