New Perspectives: The Best August, Ever! by Rev. Heather McCarrel


Photo by by Anne Nygard/Unsplash

How did we get to the last week of July already? Where has the time gone?  If you were to make this August one of the top three Augusts of your life, what would that mean for you?  What would it take to make this an amazing August?

I would begin by making a list of all the things that would make this my best August. This list would be all things I can control such as: go berry picking then bake a pie, plan a weekly BBQ for my closest friends and family,  sit on the beach and slowly run my toes through the sand, photograph the sunset every day for a week, read a good book in the shade of a tree, roast marshmallow’s over a camp fire, ride my bike in the first rays of the sunrise, eat vegetables straight out of the garden and go star gazing.

Next would be my list of ‘Bonus Things’.  This would be a list of things I cannot control but hope to experience such as seeing fire flies, wishing on a falling star, having a bird eat out of my hand, photographing a beautiful butterfly with its wings wide open, and a perfect balance of rain and sun daily to keep everything green and lush.

Before the arrival of September I would hope to slow life down enough to savor fresh corn, listen deeply to the melody of a buzzing bee and as poet Denise Levertov writes, “Breathe the sweetness that hovers in August.”

What would be the measure of an amazing August for you?  There are only a few days left to get your list prepared!

Happy August Everyone