NWMO hears diverse views at South Bruce Council meeting

At the South Bruce council meeting on June 9th, we saw a range of views on our work. Canada’s plan for the safe, long term management of used nuclear fuel has always been about listening and engaging with people who have diverse views and incorporating this feedback

We are heartened that more people than ever are engaging in dialogue, and sharing their thoughts, questions and concerns. We are still a few years away from selecting a site and we want to ensure everyone in the community has a chance to learn and make an informed decision. The NWMO has been clear that the project will only be sited in an area with informed and willing hosts.

Ultimately, it will not just be the NWMO making a decision about this national infrastructure project, it will be community as well. As we work toward identifying a single, preferred location for the project, the NWMO, interested individuals and municipal leaders will need to work collaboratively to develop a shared vision for the project, including what appropriate measures for community willingness may be.

This shared vision will be vital to understand whether the project will be a fit in the community now and for generations to come.

Studies are ongoing in two areas, the Municipality of South Bruce in southern Ontario and the Township of Ignace, in northwestern Ontario. The NWMO expects to identify a single, preferred site to host the project, in an area with informed and willing hosts, by 2023.