Open letter to Huron-Kinloss Council – resident opposed to DGR

To the Editor:

Open Letter to the Huron-Kinloss Council:

I am opposed to the Deep Geological Repository (DGR or nuclear dump).  The mantra of the Council and the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is that I need to learn more.

I am not a geologist, scientist or engineer.  I admit to paying more attention to the experts who see problems with the proposed plan than those who promise the public that all will be fine and they will be able to deal with any problems as they arise.  I believe it is only prudent to do so.

The Mayor at the October 7th meeting stated that it will not be council that makes the decision but the residents of the community.  He wants no one to make a decision if they are not informed or if they are voting out of fear. A good argument can be made that whatever the reason and the way a person votes is valid for them:

  • the danger of burying nuclear waste next to the great lakes and the drinking water
    of 40 million people isn’t worth the risk
  • do not want the dirt, dust, noise and traffic that an industrial mining site would
  • not interested in having more nuclear waste transported on our roads
  • concern over property values
  • negative impact on tourism
  • the perceived economic benefit won’t be worth the cost of changes to our

Even if people just don’t like the colour on the NWMO logo, it really doesn’t matter.

It was a previous council that started us on this path.  All we had to do was put our municipality forward and we would receive a substantial amount of money.  We could withdraw at any time. It was naive to accept money and not expect something would be required in return.

I believe it is time for Council to remember that they are in position to represent the residents of Huron-Kinloss.  It is not your job to pressure, convince us or tell us we need to learn more. It is certainly not your job to push the agenda of the NWMO.  The feeling in the community is that this Council does not listen and belittles those who dare to disagree. Prove us wrong. Ask us what we want for Huron-Kinloss.  Ask us if we are willing hosts. Ask us NOW! What are you afraid of – the answer?

I for one, have made my decision.  I stand against the nuclear dump. No amount of arm twisting, propaganda or bribes is going to change my mind.

Karen McGugan ,
50 year resident of Huron-Kinloss