Pot-belly pigs and friends live out their lives at Carroll’s

             Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue ~ Live – Love – Safe ~ 

When Cynthia and Jennifer, both with successful careers in Toronto, decided to move to the country, it was with a vision of starting an organic vegetable garden and enjoying rural life with a few pets.

That was soon to change however, when Wilbur and Oliver came into their lives … two pot-bellied pigs, along with a rescued senior dog named Dash.  Dash was 11 years old and had been at a shelter for months and, as with most senior animals, because of his age, nobody was interested in adopting him.

“It was harrowing to discover that loving animals are often cast aside due to issues such as age, a disability, or the need for expensive vet care. Dash has been with us for almost four years now and is thriving with the love and care he gets every single day. It was then,” adds Jennifer, “that we realized animal rescue was a true calling.”

When Jennifer’s mother, Carroll, passed away, she left a legacy that enabled them to purchase their country property near Hanover (ON).  “We knew as soon as we saw it that it would be perfect for an animal sanctuary and rescue,” says Jennifer.  The property of 10 acres is surrounded by forests of trees that give the animals their privacy.

“Our goal is to always provide a safe place where animals can live out their lives with love, dignity and respect,” adds Jennifer.  “We wanted to create a safe place for senior domestic and farm animals and those with special needs in a loving forever-home.  Many of the animals come to us with fear of humans, anxiety, physical disabilities, or signs of neglect. Our job is to help them trust and learn to love again, while supporting their recovery from or adjustment to whatever physical issues they may have.”

Today, their passion has developed into a sanctuary that offers a permanent resident program, cat adoption service, providing quality veterinary care, animal rehabilitation, a volunteer program and sanctuary tours (pre COVID).

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Ross visits with the brothers Ronald and Harry                   – everyone gets along

All the residents are rescues and, currently, there are 10 dogs, cats, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens.  What began with Wilbur and Oliver however, has now turned into a family of 64 pot-bellied pigs.

                                               When company arrives, the little pigs come running
                 Jennifer and Ronald

“People think they’re cute when they are small but don’t realize that, like any animal, they grow,” Jennifer points out.  “Then, they don’t want them anymore because they are ‘rooters’ by nature and like to dig with their snouts and can be expensive to feed.  We get at least two calls a week to rescue one.  Here, they have a large meadow where they can forage at will and, in the winter or a rainy day, they head for the barn.  They are very smart and very social.    They decide ‘who’ among them they prefer to keep company with and will settle down in the pen of their choosing.  They also have individual personalities and each has a name.  They have also all been spayed or neutered.”

“Toby, our 6-year-old potbelly pig, is an excellent example of our mission in action,” says Jennifer.  “He came to us as an un-neutered, neglected pet who was extremely aggressive towards people. We gave him the proper vet care, had him neutered and vaccinated, and worked with him for more than six months to help him trust humans again. He is now thriving in our care and enjoying his life with his large group of pot-belly pig friends.”

Carroll’s also has a team of 15-20 dedicated volunteers on a regular basis who help to maintain the facility.

“It also takes an enormous financial commitment, particularly for feed and vet care,” says Jennifer.  “I gave up my job working with special need teens in Toronto as the sanctuary has turned into a full-time job but Cynthia has maintained her job in Toronto as a paramedic. We’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We are a 100% self-funded, non-profit organization that is able to operate thanks to the generosity of our sponsorship program, donations and fundraising that we are able to maintain the sanctuary.”

As a registered non-profit organization, Carroll’s Animal Sanctuary and Rescue is 100% self-funded and relies on help from sponsors, donations, and volunteers to operate. From monetary and physical donations, animal sponsorships, volunteering, or fulfilling items on our Amazon Wish List, there are many ways you can help make a difference either through a donation or animal sponsorship.

One-time and monthly monetary donations

Please consider a monetary donation to our sanctuary. All funds go towards food, veterinary care and supplies for our animals. We accept PayPal or credit card payments for one-time donations or you can choose to make it a monthly donation. Please note that we’re unable to issue tax receipts for donations at this time.

Sponsor an animal

How would you like some insider information on your favourite sanctuary resident? It’s easy when you sponsor an animal! For just $20 per month, you can choose an animal to help with the costs of their food and vet care. In return, you’ll receive monthly updates about their life at the sanctuary via email. Sponsor emails include photos and details not made public on our social pages, plus early notifications of upcoming events.  Want to get started on sponsoring an animal?

Supply donations

We are always in need of certain household items and would love to take some off your hands! Just contact us to arrange for a drop-off at the sanctuary. Some of the items we will accept include:

  • Blankets & towels
  • Garden tools (pitchforks, shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.)
  • Garden hoses & attachments
  • Industrial-sized fans
  • Fresh produce
  • Cat & dog food
  • Hay & straw
  • Cat litter