School closures extended due to COVID-19

On Sunday, April 26, 2020, Minister of Education Stephen Lecce announced that the current shutdown of all publicly funded schools in Ontario due to COVID-19 will be extended from the previous target date of May 4, 2020 until at least May 31, 2020. It was emphasized that students will still be able to complete the school year. Click here to view the Ministry of Education’s media release.

As a result of this decision, all Bluewater District School Board schools will remain closed for the duration of the new extension period, or until determined otherwise by the provincial government.

We appreciate the frustration that our students and families may be experiencing as the school closure period continues to be extended. Many students are missing their classes, friends, and the numerous school activities and events that they look forward to enjoying at this time of year. We know that parents/guardians are also waiting in anticipation for a return to the stability of regular school routines as they manage increased workloads and responsibilities. Please rest assured that our staff are every bit as anxious to get back to our schools and facilities to reunite with their students and colleagues, and to resume normal schedules. It is encouraging to hear that gains have been made provincially in flattening the curve of COVID-19. However, we agree that the safety of our students and communities is central to the decision to reopen schools and the economy.

In the meantime, our staff will keep moving forward with our continuous learning plan. Teachers have reconnected with their students and are already delivering lessons and engaging activities on a regular basis. To ensure equity, schools are also providing electronic devices and print materials to those students who require them.

Until current restrictions are lifted, we are committed to strengthening our continuous learning plan by gathering feedback from our families and staff for further refining of our processes and methods of program delivery. New resources and help documents for families are still being added regularly to our continuous learning web page at Thank you again for your patience and support as we all grow together while climbing this steep learning curve.

Above all else, please stay safe and well. Remember that our most powerful weapon in fighting COVID-19 is our collective due diligence in practicing the recommendations by public health. If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning, do not hesitate to reach out to their teacher.


Alana Murray
Director of Education