Society of United Professionals hosting solidarity event

Without embracing the diversity amongst us the future of society is not sustainable. The election of regressive politicians that have emboldened those acting to deny some members of society equity and inclusion is contrary to this principle. Conversely, members of diverse and vulnerable communities including, racialized, 2SLGBTQ+, indigenous and others victimized by prejudice and discrimination are finding more allies in the communities in which they belong and in all levels of government and in all political affiliations.

The voices and doctrines that promote acts of hate, violence and prejudice may be loud and at times they are not difficult to overcome. Organized Labour, Pride organizations, progressive communities and responsible lawmakers must speak loudly and proudly in advocacy for those in all communities. By acting with a unified voice, Kincardine Pride, the Grey Bruce Labour Council, and our community allies continue the vital work of Pride and Labour organizations in doing all that is possible to overcome the voices of hate and ignorance.

It is disappointing, in modern society, to witness the ignorance of individuals and groups that promote acts of hate and violence against our friends who are represented by Pride organizations. It is also deeply troubling to see the acceptance of government representatives and legislative bodies for those who act to support hatred and violence. Although Pride and Labour have a history of success, we cannot rest on those successes and must continually work to overcome those who promote doctrines of hate.

Pushing back against the agenda of hate, violence and prejudice will make it clear to the enablers in government that their political futures are in jeopardy as progressive organizations and the increasing family of allies aligns to take power out the hands of those who would threaten the efforts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Legislators and lawmakers taking donations from individuals, companies and corporations that would deny the basic rights of individuals, equity and inclusion, including labour rights, must be advised that those actions will be challenged and defeated.

Those with a desire to inhibit progress towards a fair and just society have a plan and supporters. Socially responsible and progressive individuals and organizations like Kincardine Pride and the Grey Bruce Labour Council must establish solidarity in their voting interests for the collective good by defeating politicians and political parties who promote hatred and inequity so that those individuals are prevented from acquiring political power.

This is how we must act. We must be diligent and build on our success to prevent those who desire division and hate over unity and love from being able to enact legislation that would deny the rights of any individual in how they chose to love.

Acting in solidarity for the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion the Grey Bruce Labour Council and Kincardine Pride are dedicated to this work and the advocacy that our relationship supports.