Tiverton Fall Fair – ‘Autumn Skies and Homemade Pies’

Tiverton Fall Fair, with its theme ‘Autumn Skies and Homemade Pies’, was held on Thanksgiving weekend, October 5th – 7th, and is one of the last fall fairs to be held in southwestern Ontario.

                                          Tiverton Ambassador 2018 – Kady Rice

Despite very cool temperatures and winds, the Fair was well attended.

One of the ‘hot spots’ of the Fair was the chili cook-off where competitors added their ‘special’ secret ingredients and spices to sway the judges made up of the voting public.

Although each chili was delicious, the winning entry was Michelle Ferris’ unique recipe with homemade baked beans, black beans and a secret ‘ingredient’ and secret ‘spice’.  “My husband does not like chili or any other dish that’s  ‘different’,” said Ferris, “so I was really surprised when mine won the public over.”

Also popular at the Fair was the annual truck pull where engines screamed as they pulled the heavy sled.

Gentle alpacas were also popular as they turned their dark unblinking gaze on those who stopped by.


“Our  alpacas at Thede Acres Alpacas are raised for their wonderful natural fibre wool which is warmer, hypoallergenic, water resistant and moisture wicking,” says Catherine Thede.  “Their wool is used to make items like hats, scarves, shawls and leg warmers and also for duvets and pet beds.  It is very versatile.”


Tiny tots tractor pull at the           Tiverton Lions Hall