Local MPP highlights Government Accomplishments in First 100 Days

Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson is proud of the many accomplishments achieved by Ontario’s Government for the People in just its first 100 days.
“We are off to an amazing start,” she said. “We were elected to fix the many problems existing in Ontario created by 15 years of mismanagement and abuse by the previous Liberal governments and we are doing just that.”
Thompson said some of the areas of immediate action include putting more money back into taxpayers’ pockets by working to repeal the Green Energy Act “to stop approvals for wasteful energy projects that would add unnecessary costs to electricity bills”. She said cancelling the Green Energy Act is part of the government’s commitment to lower hydro bills by 12 per cent.
Other actions taken by the new government to help people save money include freezing driver fees, lowered gas prices by $0.043 as a first step in an overall decrease of 10 cents per litre; scrapping the Drive Clean program; and eliminating the province’s cap-and trade carbon tax, which saved Ontario families on average $260 per year.
The MPP is also proud of the time and effort they made to protect Ontario jobs during the recent NAFTA negotiations with the United States and demanding federal government support for farm families and steel and automotive workers who are at risk of falling behind due to federal concessions made in the new USMCA.
“We’ve also begun to clean up the mess that Hydro One had become and installed a new board of directors backed up by true accountability and transparency measures,” she says.
Thompson, who is also Minister of Education, also pointed out that a comprehensive consultation has begun with parents, stakeholders, and experts to address many issues in Ontario’s elementary curriculum.
“These consultations will help ensure that we can replace the Liberals’ failed approaches with proven methods of teaching that work. We promised we would launch the largest education consultation, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We are taking action on our promise to create an education system that respects parents while preparing our students for the realities of the changing global economy.” To participate in this consultation, visit: www.ForTheParents.ca .
Thompson said the government is sending the message “very loud and very clear,” that Ontario is open for business. “We reduced WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) premium rates for employers and are cutting red tape to help stimulate the economy and create more jobs.”
The MPP also said they are eliminating hallway health care with the creation of 6,000 new long-term care beds and more than 1,000 hospital spaces in advance of the coming flu season. “We are also adding $3.8 billion in support of mental health, addictions, and housing,” Thompson said.
“It’s been a very busy first 100 days,” she added. “But it’s been a very productive 100 days too. I look forward to getting more accomplished in the coming months.”