We will not let hate win = love for all

My name is Farah Ahmad and I belong to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community whose slogan is “Love for All, Hatred for None”. The community was founded in 1889, extends over 200 countries with millions of followers known as “Ahmadis” which believes in the Promised Messiah, the second coming of Jesus (May God be pleased with him). I have been active with inter-religious dialogues with churches and institutions in the Kincardine area for several years.


June 6th, 2021 marked the day where Canada and the rest of the world was shaken by the barbaric and cruel terrorist attack on the four innocent lives of a Muslim family in London, Ontario, leaving only a 9-year old sole survivor.

A whole family has been torn apart by a hate-filled, 20-year old male who struck them with his pickup truck as the family waited to cross the intersection. They were taking their usual evening walk. The family was known for their exemplary kindness and loving character and contributions in their community and work fields. Our heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with the affected family members.

Thousands of people, including dignitaries gathered in London to express their grief and pay their respects and a multi-faith march was held in order to stand up against this horrific act.

The Holy Quran of Islam mentions eloquently “Whosoever killed a person … it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:32).

This shows us that, in times of crisis, mankind wants to hold on to the rope of unity, love and compassion. In order keep this spirit alive and to bring change in society, we have to make this type of compassion our norm. We need to build bridges of love that unite all mankind regardless of religious or ethnic background. Continuous dialogue is important for the advancement of humanity.

“and We have made you into tribes and sub tribes that you may know one another.”(49:14).

Knowing one another has become more important than ever, especially in these times where hate creates division. If we include respect, empathy and love in our daily lives, then we will take an important step towards ending extremism and liberate ourselves from fear of one another.