‘What’s That? – sure to be a hit with local TV viewers

There is no doubt that the new series of ‘What’s That?’ that will be showing on Eastlink TV will be a hit.

Similar to the very old ‘Art Linklater’ TV show that asked young children for their views on the world, ‘What’s That?’ features children from 4 to 10 years of age whose imagination and youth are  just right for ‘unusual’ answers.

The series produced locally was the brainchild of well-known figure skating coach Janet Dawson and producer of the Bruce County Playhouse Leslie McNamara working with Eastlink’s Betty Uiselt, teacher Tina Hrinivich and the Bruce County Museum.

   (L) Janice Mewhinney, Bruce County Museum Business Mgr., Janet Dawson, Tina Hrinivich, Leslie McNamara and Betty Uiselt of Eastlink

Together, the foursome came up with the idea of working with the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre (BCM&CC) where the series is being filmed.

Artifacts are brought out of the Museum’s historic collection and the young students are then able to examine them and arrive at their conclusions as to what the items are and what their purpose was.  Many of the answers drawn from the young imaginations were brilliant and innovative as well as entertaining.

The first of the series premiered at the Museum on Saturday, February 23rd, with all the trappings of an ‘Oscar’ production including the red carpet.

For the young performers, it was their first chance to see themselves on the ‘big screen’, along with the many family and friends who were in attendance.

                     In true performer style, the young actors ‘hammed it up’!

“This is a wonderful opportunity for young students to learn about history and be engaged in the process,” said Deputy Mayor Don Matheson.  “As a teacher, I think this is a great initiative and would definitely like to see more of this kind of thing.”

As with any production, the students from the surrounding elementary schools had to audition.  There will be six productions in the series with approximately 12 students per production.  Therefore, open auditions will be continuing, with the next on March 2nd at 10:30 at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre in Southampton.