Bruce County Long Term Care Homes now in full compliance

According to the County of Bruce, Brucelea Haven (Walkerton) and Gateway Haven (Wiarton) Long Term Care (LTC) Homes are in full compliance with the Long Term Care Homes Act and all associated regulations.

                        Brucelea Haven
                           Gateway Haven





The homes conduct regular audits and the Administrators and management teams have continued to monitor the status of the Homes and the County’s LTC pandemic response continues to be the priority focus for both homes.

All staff, support workers, and essential caregivers continue to be actively screened, once per shift or visit at the beginning of the shift or visit. Both homes maintain a three times- per-week Rapid Antigen testing protocol for all staff, essential care visitors, and other essential municipal staff visitors.

  • All staff and essential caregivers are also required to wear a mask and eye protection when in an indoor area.
  • Essential absences are permitted, and fully immunized residents can have physical contact with their fully immunized essential caregiver.
  • Fully immunized essential caregivers may join the resident for meals if the resident is fully immunized as well.
  • Family members and friends can visit with their loved ones outdoors.

Over 90% of all residents at both homes have received first and second vaccine doses. Efforts continue to increase staff vaccination rates in both homes, which are currently 54% to 68%.

Family and Residents Councils are active in both homes. These councils provide an opportunity for both family and residents to have direct discussions with each other and with homes’ staff. Resident engagement continues.

Gateway Haven installed two air conditioner units in the serveries. There are 141 residents at Brucelea Haven, with a waitlist of 122, and there are 95 residents at Gateway Haven, with a waitlist of 127.

Megan Garland has been appointed as the new Director of Long Term Care and Senior Services, and a new Administrator and Associate Director of Care have been hired for Gateway Haven.