Cairn unveiling brings back school-day memories

Attendees at the Cairn unveiling June 1, 2018

Two former teachers and three former students attended (L) Teacher Helen McKenzie (née Smith), Students Jack Ribey, Marjorie Monk (née Ribey), Gwen Turner (née White) and teacher, Gwen Wilson (née Howe)

S.S. #14 Grade 8 class of 1953

The Township of Bruce Historical Society unveiled a commemorative Cairn on Friday, June 1st, that brought back many memories for those who attended the ceremony.

Rev. David Chang (L), Herb Henkenhaf and John Dalmer (out-going President)

Rev. David Chang of Knox Presbyterian Church in Tiverson officiated at the ceremony while Historical Society member, Herb Henkenhaf highlighted some of the school’s events of the past.

Teachers who taught at S.S. #14 in the 1950s unveiled the Cairn – Helen MacKenzie (née Smith) and Gwen Wilson (née Howe)

The Cairn was constructed from brick saved from the original schoolhouse that many had attended as young students.  S.S. #14 had been located on the 12th concession in the Township of Bruce just east of Hwy. 21 on the land that now is the Barry Ribey farm.  While the building is no longer there, the Cairn serves as a reminder of a bygone era and carries within it a time capsule filled with memories.

Cairn unveiled June 1, 2018

The schoolhouse bell was saved

Following the unveiling, those in attendance moved to the Underwood Community Centre for the annual general meeting and dinner and where they had a chance to see memorabilia from the school, including text books and student slate chalkboard.

Slate Chalkboard