Huron-Bruce NDP honours McQuails for four decades of service


The Huron-Bruce New Democratic Party (NDP) Riding Association came together on August 24th, 2023 to host an unforgettable fundraising dinner at the historic Livery in Goderich. The event was a heartfelt tribute to the resolute spirit and unwavering dedication of Fran and Tony McQuail, two stalwart champions of progressive values and longstanding pillars of the community.

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For over four decades, Fran and Tony McQuail have been unwavering pillars of the Huron-Bruce NDP, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to their community.

Tony’s political journey began with his 1980 candidacy for Member of Parliament, marking the start of his unyielding dedication to his constituents. He has fearlessly contested in five federal elections and twice provincially, solidifying his status as a champion of progressive ideals.

His passion for public service extended beyond elected roles, including his tenure as a school board trustee, president of the Huron County Federation of Agriculture, and executive assistant to the Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs. His tireless activism has left an indelible mark on numerous causes, enriching the very fabric of the community he holds dear.

Fran’s impact, though often operating behind the scenes, has been equally profound. In 1984, her instrumental role in the establishment of Women Today of Huron showcased her visionary spirit and unwavering dedication to empowering women in the region. Her contributions have garnered recognition, including the Agnes MacPhail award by the Ontario NDP in 2016, a testament to her outstanding service.

The evening was filled with camaraderie, inspiring speeches, and lively music as attendees gathered to honour the McQuails’ profound impact on the region. The distinguished line-up of speakers included Huron-Bruce NDP President Angela Keeley, Huron-Bruce NDP Vice President Nick McGregor, Huron-Bruce NDP Secretary Jillian Bjelan, former Ontario NDP Candidate Laurie Hazzard, as well as the honorees themselves, Fran and Tony McQuail.

The evening’s festivities were heightened by the delectable offerings of Pineridge Barbecue, delighting attendees with an array of culinary delights. Musical entertainment was provided by The Devon Drive Drifters, adding a lively rhythm to the event and creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.