Losing local train is losing the last attraction for families says reader

To the Editor:

It’s interesting that this is the second Town Council that this business guy has claimed wouldn’t work with him, there is now an eye sore in Sauble Beach on land left vacated by the business guy due to disagreements with local council.  

Seems there is an issue or issues going on and likely blame on both sides.  

Regardless, it is a shame to lose the train at the beach, which really is the only local draw anymore, the beach has turned into a mess of grass, wooden guide posts, ropes and dunes. For years, one of the most pristine beaches on the shoreline, filled with families, teens young adults and seniors enjoying the graded and raked clean areas has in recent years turned into a bumpy, hardened ugly mess.  

 Once a vibrant part of Port Elgin Tourism with good licensed restaurants and bars to enjoy in the evening after a day at the beach filled with young adults with lots of disposable income spending their money here in Port Elgin day & night now have moved on to Sauble, Grand Bend or Wasaga.  

Now the last attraction keeping young families coming here appears to be on its way out.  

Given the beach association ran off those wanting to open licensed restaurant bars due to all their restrictions. What could the Town possibly be thinking would be a better alternative for the land that is geared to attracting tourism than this very unique train attraction ?  

Surely it isn’t more Condos……. that certainly wouldn’t help draw any tourism.  

I hope both parties can sit down with cooler heads and work the issues out but, in the interim, I hope there is more focus put on keeping and improving the beach areas as a whole as they’ve been neglected for far too long.  

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