New Perspectives: Blushing Green by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Photo by Atul Vinayak/Unsplash

Despite the persistent north wind and the mornings of new snowfall, spring is quietly sneaking in.

First it was the Tamaracks who gave spring’s presence away followed by the Dogwood and just today the Lilac bushes were whispering it loudly as they too blushed shades of green.

However, most of the trees have done a great job of hiding spring’s sneaky approach.  There are no buds, nor tiny leaves or signs of new growth.  Despite the date on the calendar they all seem to be contently snuggled in for a long winter’s nap.

Thankfully there have been other indications of spring’s arrival.  First there was the bear who wandered through my neighbourhood last week.  With a winter size appetite it meandered through garbage bins and emptied bird feeders before disappearing back into the woods.  Secondly, the celebratory honking of Canadian Geese as they fly overhead, loudly announcing their safe return from warmer climates and third, is the ever more subtle return of the Rainbow Trout.  They quietly swim upstream adding flashes of colour with their iridescent vestments. And of course, one can’t forget the forbearers of warmer days, the busy Robins who are eagerly building their nests.

Perhaps it is the beauty that I know lies ahead that makes me restless.  Wanting the flowers now, the warmth now and all the green to return immediately! Instead nature takes its time; challenging me to slow down and look carefully for every tiny sign of change.  Nature is a wonderful teacher of being patient and remaining observant.  As Lao Tzu wrote, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

May we all slow down long enough to savour the reawakening of God’s creation and may it renew in us awe and wonderment.