New Perspectives: Defense against the Darkness – by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Photo by Huy Phan/Pexels

Early every November, when the days are short and nights are long, I gather all that is needed to create my defence against the darkness.

It usually entails one trip to the local hardware store, old newspapers from the recycling bin and about 2 hours of my time.  With the kitchen counter cleared and covered with the old newspapers I begin this most necessary task.

It is a dirty task but one that raises my spirits like no other on a dark November evening.  The repotting of my house plants!

I lovingly choose which of my growing collection needs a bigger or deeper pot and with tender words of encouragement the procedure begins.  Once the new pot is prepared, I delicately lift the plant out of its old digs and gingerly place it within the folds of freshly fluffed soil.  The roots are carefully covered followed by the gentle cleansing of each leaf.  Once complete, fresh water is poured over the soil and misted across the foliage. Then that plant is returned to its place within our home looking refreshed and standing a bit prouder.

My home is full of green plants, some hanging from the windows, others along windowsills or in planters.  We have an arrangement, me, and these green roommates.  They promise to filter the air in our home filling the grey November days with many shades of green; shades that provide a peacefulness that both comfort and enliven my spirit.  I in return visit each one weekly nourishing them with loving words, fresh water and at times some liquid food.

As the quote says, “Having indoor plants is like having little pockets of joy throughout your home.”  These pockets of joy are truly a gift from God!