Sale of Sauble Medical Clinic donates $1 Million to GBHS Foundations

Today, January 19th, GBHS Foundations accepted a very generous donation from Sauble Area Medical Clinic Incorporated. The not-for-profit group recently sold its building to the Town of South Bruce Peninsula and is dissolving the organization. As a result, GBHS Foundations were selected to receive $1 million from the proceeds of the sale.

“We are very proud to share the gains of the Sauble Area Medical Clinic with the GBHS Foundations while at the same time, putting the monies back into the community that helped fund our clinic 20 years ago,” said Sauble Area Medical Clinic Incorporated Board of Director Chairman Cecil Groves. The donation will be divided between three GBHS Foundations that support hospitals serving patients in and around the Sauble area.

Bruce Peninsula Hospital Foundation will receive $400k for the Wiarton Hospital to complete the purchase of a new X-ray machine. Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation will receive $350k for the purchase of a new C-Arm used in the OR for diagnostic imaging, and an ultrasound machine. Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation will receive $250k towards the CT campaign for the Southampton Hospital.

“It’s wonderful to see the healthcare community supporting each other and working together to keep services in the area,” said GBHS President and CEO Gary Sims. “We are grateful to the Board of the Clinic and will put these funds back into the community.”