Women’s House retains services in time of stress and uncertainty

We have modified our services in order to promote self-isolation and social distancing in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, however we are still providing essential services. We are doing our best to ensure that we maintain the safety and security of women and children in Shelter, as well as our staff members who must remain on site to provide support in the Shelter and maintain our crisis lines.

We recognize that in times of stress and uncertainty, that our services are required more than ever in our community. When a woman is in a home that is unsafe, the practice of self-isolation can put her at further risk for domestic violence, can create less opportunity for her to get the support she needs, and can make it even more difficult to leave an unsafe situation.

All staff at Women’s House who have the ability to work remotely will be doing so. Outreach Services are being offered in a remote capacity, and are providing services by phone and email.

The Shelter and crisis lines remain operational, and we have taken the following measures to ensure staff and resident safety:

· Increased sanitation and infection control measures have been put in place and social distancing practices have been implemented for staff and residents.

· At this time, we are unable to accept in kind donations at our shelter. Financial donations can be accepted via direct mail or online through CanadaHelps.

· Guests will not be provided access to the Shelter at this time.

At this time, if you are in need of emergency shelter or support, we encourage you to reach out through our crisis line at 1-800-265-3026.