Paisley continues its artistic vision

The Village of Paisley is continuing with its artistic vision for the future.

The Village has embarked on turning Paisley into an artistic centre with street art and more.

Recently, two international artists created art on various buildings and a local artist has also artistically painted the main bridge that crosses at the junction of the Teeswater and Saugeen Rivers.

                                                           Artist Susan Seitz

Susan Seitz, renowned local artist, was also brought in to artistically change the ‘street pianos’ that invite the public to sit down and play at any time – bringing music and art together.

One of the pianos is now a beautiful Monarch butterfly and, should you stop to play or simply take a look at the artistic creation, don’t forget to peek inside the piano bench!                                                      

According to Paisley business owners, the plan is to continue to attract artists of all stripes, from music to visual arts, to the community.